‘Heart of the City’ pedestrian zone

‘Heart of the City’ pedestrian zone

Make Scotland’s capital a city for people, not cars
To restore and preserve Edinburgh’s reputation as a world class city, I propose a radical programme of pedestrianisation of heart of the city.
Edinburgh has not embraced pedestrianisation in any serious way, despite its historic centre and walkable scale.
Rather than re-visit the debate about congestion-charging, let’s turn it on around and do a rolling programme of pedestrianisation, sold on its own benefits.
For boldness, I propose a basic square that should be largely car-free, bounded by:
  • Princes Street to the north
  • North Bridge to Clerk Street to the east
  • Melville Drive to the south
  • Lothian Road to the west
There could be some exceptions and of course provision would have to be made for deliveries and some local residents.
I would start with iconic streets such as Victoria Street and Cockburn Street and work outwards over a 3-5 year period.

Category Policy

Date 15 December 2017

Submitted by Ben Miller