Continental Zebra Crossings

Continental Zebra Crossings

Give more priority to pedestrians in urban areas

In urban areas in Scotland over half of pedestrians killed and seriously injured casualties occur crossing away from junctions and away from where there is any kind of formal crossing facility. Often signalled or zebra crossings can be 600m apart or more, even in urban areas. On a 1-2km walking trip, diverting to a formal crossing can be a massive diversion in % terms if it’s not en route. Because of the need for power for signals or belishas, local authorities can’t afford to put in more crossings. So no wonder people try crossing where there isn’t a crossing, and no wonder some get knocked down in the process. In continental Europe, from the countries with a better safety record than Britain, to those with a dire safety record, zebras without belisha beacons are commonplace. Here though they are found only in business parks and shopping centres and outside the front door of Transport Scotland’s Victoria Quay building. This idea is just to make these crossings legal on Scotland’s roads. Simple, cheap, and effective – but life changing, and life saving.

Category Legislation

Date 15 December 2017

Submitted by Prof. Tom Rye