Premises Parking Levy

Premises Parking Levy

Introduce a charge on parking spaces to fund sustainable transport

Nottingham’s Workplace Parking Levy raises significant funds for tram, bus and cycling investment whilst also encouraging employers to foster sustainable modes for commuter and work-related travel. Other English cities plan to do similar. Sadly, Scotland’s Government has not found the courage to give Councils the necessary powers, despite pressure from other parties, transport specialists and councils.

However, in addition to workplaces, other huge areas are devoted to free parking – including leisure centres, superstores and out-of-town retail parks – all encouraging car travel, with its accompanying health and congestion impacts, and wasted precious urban or agricultural land. Meanwhile local businesses and town centres, less accessible by car, suffer and decline.

My proposal therefore is that the Scottish Government legislate to allow Councils to introduce a Premises Parking Levy, payable by all premises (including workplaces) with over a minimum number of parking spaces.

The revenue would be ring-fenced for sustainable transport and for town centre ‘place’ investment. Equally important, superstores and leisure centres would then act to cut their levy by installing decent bike parking, subsidising bus routes, giving customers innovative incentives to use non-car modes and, in the longer term, building in more accessible locations.

Category Legislation

Date 6 December 2017

Submitted by Dave du Feu